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The Mills Act

The Mills Act

The Mills Act is a state law that allows cities to enter into contracts with owners of historic properties to provide property tax relief.  In exchange the property owner must agree to use the tax savings to preserve, protect and maintain the property in accordance with the city's historic preservation guidelines and standards.  A zoning Ordinance authorizes the City of Upland to use Mills Act contracts for historic preservation purposes within Upland.

Owners of qualifying historic properties can save up to 75% on their property taxes if they agree to preserve their property.  To qualify for a Mills Act contract, a property must be either listed as a contributing structure in a local or national historic district, designated as a local historic landmark, or listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Upland has nine historic districts, they are: Old Magnolia District, Pleasant View District, Victorian Row District, Stowell District, Civic Center East District, Arrow/Laurel District, Citrus/Transportation District, Old Town Historical District, and Euclid Avenue District.

For informatin on whether your property is within the local districts or listed in the National Register of Historic Places, contact the Development Services Department at 909-931-4100 or visit City Hall.