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Upland Heritage

Upland Heritage "Making a Difference Preserving Upland History Since 1989"

Upland Heritage "Making a Difference Preserving Upland History Since 1989"

Upland Heritage "Making a Difference Preserving Upland History Since 1989"Upland Heritage "Making a Difference Preserving Upland History Since 1989"Upland Heritage "Making a Difference Preserving Upland History Since 1989"

Contractors Corner


Contractors corner


A daunting task when trying to renovate a home, historic or otherwise, is locating a good (in all senses of the word) contractor.  While Upland Heritage does not, and can not, make any guarantees when it comes to craftsmen/women, we do know how hard it can be to even start searching for a contractor.  Thus the Contractor’s Corner is here to start you on your journey.  The contractor’s listed below have been utilized by Heritage members to refurbish and restore historic homes in the Upland community.

  • Architecture
    • Herchenroeder Design, Eric R. Herchenroeder 909-946-5377 eric@hdarch.com

  • Architectural Salvage
    • Old Riverside Foundation, Dan Cocco 951-452-2638 chr20dan@gmail.com, www.oldriverside.org (also on Facebook) *Note, this is a volunteer group that only works part time.

  • Antiques, Lighting, and Hardware
    • Crown City Vintage Lighting, 626-616-4873 info@crowncityvintagelighting.com, www.crowncityvintagelighting.com
    • Divines Furniture, Chris 626-280-8484 divinesfurniture@yahoo.com, www.divinefurniture.com
    • King Richards Antique Center, 562-698-5974 martha@kingrichardsantiques.com, http://www.kingrichardsantiques.com
    • Pomona Antique Mall
    • Revival Antiques and Lighting, Marie Gauthier and Alex Carswell 626-405-0024 revivalantiques@yahoo.com, www.revivalantiques.com
    • Treasures and Junk, 909-983-3300
    • Vintage Vault of Upland, Carlos 909-920-1000 support@vaultofupland.com (also on Facebook)

  • Electrical
    • Andy Frontzack 909-635-8979

  • Energy & HVAC
    • Future Energy Savers, Julie Durst 800-985-0733 jdurst@EnergySavers.com, www.EnergySavers.com

  • Engineering
    • Leonard Engineering, LLC, Jeffrey A. Leonard, P.E. 909-981-3167 jeff@lellc.com
    • Van Dam Engineering, Jeff C. Van Dam 909-931-5070 jeff@vandamengineering.com

  • Furniture Refinishing
    • Upland Quality Furniture, Darrin 909-981-7277

  • Furniture Upholstery
    • The Guy, 909-920-6857 info@theguyupholstery.com, http://www.theguyupholstery.com

  • General Contracting
    • Dan McIntire 909-524-6212

  • Hardwood Floor Refinishing
    • Dominguez Floors, John Dominguez 909-624-1246
    • SP Hardwood Floors, 909-620-1342

  • Marble and Stone Refinishing
    • Rock Hard Pros, 909-261-925 sales@hardrockpros.com

  • Masonry
    • Kramer’s Masonry, 909-920-0701 kramersmasonry@yahoo.com

  • Painting
    • Marc’s Painting, 951-202-1469
    • Lou’s Painting , 909-981-0408, Cell 909-331-6750

  • Phonograph Repair
    • Edward Collet 949-981-1135

  • Powder Coating
    • Concept Powder Coating, Inc, Justin Martin 909-945-2991 ConceptPC7@gmail.com, http://www.conceptpowdercoatinginc.com

  • Plastering
    • Plastering by Thomas Messina Jr., 909-984-6161

  • Plumbing
    • Steve Scaletta 909-228-1343

  • Roofing
    • Kertland Roofing, Ron Bombardier 909-622-6927 suzanne@kertlandroofing.com

  • Stained Glass and More
    • Redwing Glass, Rhonda 909-622-0745 redwing.glass@verizon.net
    • Julie Pascoe Designs, Julie 909-838-7229 juliepascoedesigns.com

  • Windows Repairs
    • Window Restoration and Repair, Scott Campbell 562-493-1590

Upland Heritage is always on the lookout for new contractor’s to enhance our list.  If you have someone to recommend please contact us at .katiandcraig@verizon.net